Guest Book

A selection of comments from visitors to the Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide conservation project.

2nd January 2017 ''Once again, the Vulture Viewing Hide did not disappoint.  Not only did the vultures provide a magnificent display, but the surrounding scenery is simply awe-inspiring.
I could quite happily sit there all day and immerse myself in the majesty of nature…  Thank-you Andy…'' Mary McKenzie

31st December 2016 ''We all thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Andy watching and learning about the beautiful birds.'' Janet Schwulst

23rd December 2016 ''Thanks for a very informative and amazing time with the vultures, will definitely visit again and recommend to all.'' Clive Wienand (Mozambique)

12th November 2016 ''Thanks for a brilliant visit and the opportunity to learn so much more about these fantastic birds. I've added a few photos and really would have liked to spend a lot more time at the hide. Best wishes David and Roey.'' (United Kingdom)

31st October 2016 ''We have all enjoyed the morning, thank you very much. I will definitely see you with my next lot of visitors ;=)'' Alexandre Viossat-Barau (Visitors from Madagascar)

15th October 2016 ''Thanks for a great morning, exceeded all expectations!.'' Steve & Pauline Smith (Kent, UK)

13th August 2016 ''Just to say a huge thankyou for our wonderful visit yesterday – we all thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you and the vultures, oribi and the wormsJ  You have done and are doing an excellent thing – action for preservation!'' Lesley Fescura & family (Durban)

2nd April 2016 ''Thanks for a really wonderful trip up to see the Vultures today!
It was really good to meet you and be enthused by your passion, dedication and knowledge of these birds.
Look forward to visiting again.'' Steve & Pauline Smith (Kent, UK)

26th March 2016 ''Thank you very, very much for the great experience at the vulture viewing site. It was very, very special.
Keep well and keep up the good work.'' Charlotte Bresser

17th March 2016 ''Very many thanks for an unforgettable two hours which will live in our memories and which will be vividly recounted to our family upon return. Every continuing success for your venture and with every good wish.'' Caryl and Peter Jones (Wales, UK)

22nd November 2015 ''Andy we had a wonderful time with you and Wayne's photographs came out so well. Thanks again and we will see you again in the new year.'' Anne Sykes

23rd September 2015 Blog from Peter de Groot visit

12th September 2015 ''We really enjoyed our visit thank you.  It was extra special in that when we walked to the edge of the escarpment the mist was so thick you wouldn’t have known there was a huge valley below us!  And of course no sign of any vultures.
But slowly the mist started rising as the breeze and temperature picked up, and one, then another vulture came flying low over the grassland.
It was lovely watching the rugged cliffs with all the vultures settled thereon slowly showing themselves as the mist rose further.
Eventually there must’ve been over 100 vultures soaring over the valley in front of us – a few were quite quizzy and came amazingly low and close!

A very special experience!  Many thanks to Bob and Hazel for being such pleasant and informative guides.'' Pam Zarnack

15th August 2015 ''Thanks again for a spectacular morning. My friends were overwhelmed by the experience – keep up the good work.'' Patti Putter

9th August 2015 ''Thank you so much for taking us around today.  We really enjoyed our time with you and are amazed at the work being done in the area to save the bird life.
We were also so impressed with the Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide.  It is definitely on our "bucket list" to visit again.'' Toni & Steven Soper

6th June 2015 ''We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will be back'' Dave & Pamela Round

31st May 2015 ''Thanks again for accommodating us on Sunday. It certainly exceeded all expectations and I will most certainly be back. Michael Coutts

11th April 2015 ''Thank you so much!  We had a lovely morning.  I will definitely be back at some stage! Diane Fick

21st March 2015 ''Really a most enjoyable experience'' Peter Lambert

17th January 2015 ''a very enjoyable and informative outing with Andy. Good winds had the birds up early to forage but we were nevertheless treated to some memorable glide-byes from the youngsters with their distinctive striped plumage'' Frank & Adeline McCarter 

6th January 2015 ''Thanks again for an  awesome afternoon'' Nel & Batie Haasbroek

3rd January 2015 ''Fantastic morning watching over 150 Cape Vultures feeding on a warthog'' ''It was amazing to see'' Stacy Jones & Debra Dougall

11th-12th December 2014 ''Thank you very much for an amazing time at Oribi Gorge, photographing the magnificent Cape Vultures. Great project and hoping to be back soon'' Nelis Wolmarans (ORYX Photographic Expeditions)

11th October 2014 ''Thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your vast amount of knowledge regarding the vultures.
We will always look back on Saturday morning and have happy memories of one of the most enjoyable times in our lives, thanks to you for making it all possible.
We wish you well and the vultures are very fortunate to have you in their corner taking such good care of them'' Wendy Lloyd

21st September 2014 ''It was good fun spending the morning with you and the amazing vultures'' Preeti John

17th August 2014 ''We had a wonderful morning and thrilled that there are so many Cape vultures nesting there, and that there numbers are increasing. Well done to everyone involved with this project - farmers and bird club members. 
Thank you once again - we'll be back!'' Liz Cook

26th July 2014 ''Thanks for a great morning Andrew - thoroughly enjoyed by all'' Keith Marallich

28th June 2014 ''Thank you for the wonderful experience on the 28 -06-2014!!'' Desiré Darling

21st June 2014 ''What a amazing privilege to be able to spend time with so many Vultures'' Doug Lang

16th June 2014 ''Thanks so much for the most amazing experience I have ever had'' Fran de Jager

20th April 2014 ''Many thanks for a special morning out to see the vultures.
It was amazing and I wish you and the team all the success with the project.
I will certainly be back when I am back in SA on my next visit'' Raymond Liebenberg (Zambia)

20th April 2014 ''what an amazing experience- watching these beautiful birds soaring across the skies!! Thank You for the chance to see this!!'' Jean Goldstone

9th April 2014 ''It was awesome - can't describe it in any other way - sitting on the edge of the cliff in total silence listening to the rush of air past these enormous bird's wings was spiritual!'' Michael Bridgeford

15th March 2014 ''Had such an amazing experience at Oribi Gorge with these amazing birds'' Graeme Kelly

6th March 2014 ''Definitely worth to pay a visit! We were looking in vain for vultures in Hluhluwe/Imfolozi, iSimangaliso, the Berg and finally found them at our doorstep!'' Sandra Brunner