About the Vulture Hide conservation project


We are very privileged to have a resident breeding colony of over 400 Cape Vultures on our doorstep at Oribi, near Port Shepstone, allowing very close up and personal encounters with these magnificent birds.
From easily accessible cliff vantage points, you can observe the vultures soaring along the ridges, flying above, below and at eye level. Watch as they perform stunning formations and hear the rush of air through their feathers as they glide past, sometimes within just metres.
This is a truly memorable (and has been described as almost spiritual) experience. Just a short drive from the tar road at Oribi and you are there. No 4x4 roads to navigate, no mountains to climb, no long hikes. And this for a minimum donation from just R100.00** per person.

When compared to a similar experience offered in the Western Cape, our visits truly offer incredible value for money.

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We also offer 4 hr 'morning photography sessions'

To book one of our scheduled guided vulture viewing experiences, 'morning photography sessions' or request a date of your choice, please see our rates & bookings page.

(Min 48 hours notice required)

** minimum donation per person. However, larger donations will always be greatly appreciated and will enable our project to expand it's ambitions.

The Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide is a not for profit Voluntary Association which aims to raise awareness of the Cape Vulture and the threats posed to vultures in general.

This environmentally sensitive site, which is incorporated into the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve Important Bird Area, is not open to the general public, therefore ADVANCED BOOKING is essential.
With a threatened global population of just c8,000* Cape Vultures, this is a very significant colony.

The Barry Porter Memorial hide which overlooks the vulture restaurant

This Rüppell’s Griffon appeared at the Oribi Cape Vulture colony during 2012
(Photo Andre Botha)

Donations received are used to maintain the hide, site and vulture restaurant. Surplus funds may also be used to assist other conservation projects. 

  For rates and booking details
please see the Rates & Bookings page.

To see more images taken at the site, visit our facebook group.

* 2003 estimate.
Reference Roberts VII